Pressing on my Heart

Over the last little while, I have felt a need to be writing and sharing some of the things that have been pressing on my heart and mind. They range from a variety of topics to body image, motherhood, my faith, marriage, art, learning, and life.  They are thoughts that are too long for an Instagram or Facebook post and are very personal and close to my heart. They are thoughts that I often keep to myself and it is hard to just throw them out there into the world, where they may be trivialized, attacked, mocked or rejected. But the constant nagging (or push from the spirit) has been at the back of my mind for months and it will not go away.

So I have decided that if the spirit is prompting me to do this, and is asking me to be brave, and vulnerable, and to put myself out there, it must be for a reason. Reasons that I can not see or understand right now. Maybe it is only to put some light and good out into a world that is becoming increasingly dark.


Maybe it is to help me learn how to be more articulate, brave and vulnerable in sharing what I know to be true. Maybe some of it could actually help another person. I don’t know the reasons nor do I know the outcome yet. I’m just trying to have a little faith and the courage to act on the prompting instead of dismissing it. For months I have given myself all the reasons why I can’t. The fear of man is holding me back, and I need to let it go. So I hope that those who choose to read them will be kind and open to my rambling thoughts.

Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash


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