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I am a 46-year-old Digital AI artist who loves art and technology. I believe that God has blessed us with technology to flood the earth with the beautiful message of His restored gospel. I believe AI art has been created for such a purpose. I love that I now have a tool that lets me share the thousands of pictures, stories, and messages in my heart of His gospel faster than I could have with traditional art media.

Jesus Christ’s Restored Gospel

Jesus Christ has restored his gospel to the earth again through prophets, and now leads Hiis church in preparation for His second coming. To learn more about His restored gospel, and the stories and messages behind my artwork visit the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Browse my art images. These images are available for you to use for your personal use or in your home, and can be downloaded using the provided link next to the images.

I would also love for you to use these images to share the message of his gospel with others through social media, or personal ministering.

Please do not use these images for commercial use. If you would like to use them in ways other than personal use please contact me for permission and terms.

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Why AI Art?

Despite spending the last 30 years using traditional media, I have been frustrated and discouraged that I did not have the time, skill set, or resources to create the hundreds of images that God kept putting into my mind and heart. I could see them but frustrated I could not create them. As I read the scriptures I would just keep finding verses that would open up an entirely new visual picture in my head. I had given up ever being able to express the feelings in my heart and the images in my mind that I felt the Lord was putting there.

One day after studying my scriptures, I opened up my Instagram feed and saw an image from an AI artist that was just fun and quirky. I clicked on her website and read about how she created her images. As I was reading I felt the Lord say “Here it is.... Here is the tool you have needed to create all the images that I have been putting in your heart. You have been frustrated for years because it hadn’t been created yet. But here it is. Use it. Use it for good. Use it to flood the earth with beauty, my words, and the message of the restored gospel. Use it to bring people to Christ.”

I had an art professor in college tell me during a discouraging moment of not knowing what to do with my love for art, and talents. “Just keep learning all you can, try everything, and one day you’ll have your train wreck and it will all come together, and you’ll know.” So that’s what I kept doing. I branched out and learned how to use the computer to design, illustrate, and create art as a young mother as I supplemented our family’s income. This started my love for the combination of art and technology. But I was still discouraged and found myself doing art less and less until that morning the Lord gave me my train wreck. He showed me how many different experiences, opportunities, skills, desires, and love for technology came together in an opportunity to use AI to fulfill the desires of my heart in relation to my art.

There is a lot of controversy about AI artwork and it’s validity of being real art. Is it stealing from traditional artists? Is it even art if a computer generated it? We don’t need to compete with each other. There is a need for both. I believe that AI has a place. I believe that it has been created for a purpose. That purpose is for God’s message to be spread as fast as possible while filling and flooding the earth before his second coming. I love traditional art media. I am always blown away by the talented artists who spend hours creating beautiful artwork. But they are limited in their time and how much they can create in a day, a month, and a year. The Lord is hastening his work, and for me, AI gives me the opportunity to create all the images and paintings I would never physically be able to create in the time I have available to spread his message. What a gift. What a tool. For all the bad that it can be used for, I hope to combat it and use it for good.

My Process

The art on this website is generated using artificial intelligence (AI), specifically the Midjourney AI image generator. Midjourney is an innovative tool that generates unique and creative images from natural language prompts, which I provide. I also use a combination of prompts as well as uploading my own photos to create unique images.

I personally guide and curate the generation of each piece of art, carefully selecting and refining the prompts to produce different images, characters, and designs that align with my artistic vision. I then take those images and export them into Photoshop and Procreate to continue editing, refining, combining, or changing the images to create my final artwork. The final artwork is a blend of AI generation, my creative input, digital painting, and digital design.

By using and sharing these images you support the blending of traditional & digital artistry with the latest advancements in AI technology. Thank you for supporting me and sharing these images with others.

Daily Verses

quickly created images based on a favorite verse from my daily scripture study

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